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Connecting Passion
with Purpose

Environmental Test Solutions North America

Our team provides innovative solutions to our clients every day. Our people are highly skilled professionals. Their passion is extensive. Their determination is steadfast. Their purpose is to innovate.

OurCapabilities + Services

Environmental Test Solutions North America (ETSNA) provides Engineering Design and Manufacturing services for the Burn-In and Failure Analysis of electronic devices and assemblies, as well as Systems Engineering and Integration services for electronic communications and high technology sensors used in various military applications.


Our professionals bring the confidence and skills required to address our client's most difficult problems and their most pressing needs. Our team uses a variety of engineering design tools and best-in class-technologies to provide unparalleled products and solutions on time and on budget, while continuously respecting the needs of our clients to support their legacy systems.


  • Custom Environmental Test Chambers
  • Burn-In Board Design
  • Driver Board Design
  • Failure Analysis Socket Adapter Design
  • Custom Mechanical Interfaces
  • Custom Electrical Interfaces
  • CAD Services:
  • PCB Design using PADS
  • PCB Layout using PADS
  • Schematic Capture using OrCAD
  • 3D Part and Assembly Modeling using SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • Model and Drawing Migration using SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • Configuration Management using Autodesk Vault Professional


Our team has become a leading technology integrator by leveraging the multiple engineering disciplines of the entire organization. Our success is reinforced by connecting the passion of our people with our unrelenting drive to create value provided by our products and solutions.


  • emi
  • product development
  • sustainment engineering
  • systems engineering and integration
  • feasibility tests
  • RF Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • thermal and fluid systems


Through a respective partnership with our suppliers, our team consistently and cost-effectively provides high-quality, turn-key products and solutions. By leveraging the entire value chain, our team reduces time from design concepts to production, allowing us to provide high technology products meeting the most stringent scheduling needs of our clients.


  • rapid prototyping
  • Custom Cable and Wiring Harness Assemblies
  • supply chain and material management
  • material selection
  • repair and overhaul
  • electronics contract manufacturing


Our team understands the schedule and cost impacts associated with faulty product. Our team designs test plans and the necessary fixtures required to ensure proper long-term functionality of the product when used in normal operating conditions, as well as test plans and necessary fixtures required to identify potential risks of reduced product functionality associated with use in harsher environments.


  • test plans
  • prototyping
  • custom test fixtures
  • failure analysis


Our dedicated team works with our clients to understand the true impact a change has across the entire fleet of product, and works directly to minimize the cost of ownership of any change, while also providing support for legacy products to minimize the impact until the implementation has been completed.


  • field service support
  • user manuals
  • technical manuals
  • training
  • integrated logistics support
  • repair


ETSNA is an innivation leader elevated by our ability to accept that constraints and limitations often lead to the most remarkable breakthroughs. Understanding the reasons why something can't be done has been the key to our success in doing exactly what couldn't be done.


One of the two principals of ETSNA engineers, develops, and patents a high-speed manufacturing process for leaky radiax cable. Advanced Metals Engineering (AME) is started to support the rapid expansion of the telecommunications industry.


The other principal of ETSNA starts an engineering design company (ICD) to support the failure analysis needs of Dallas area semiconductor manufacturers, and the interface and integration needs of customers supporting military products.


AME and ICD cross paths on an engineering project for the burn-in of a product used for Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) applications.


AME and ICD team up once again. This time for the design of a wafer-level burn-in system for GaAs wafers, and the design and fixturing for the burn-in of RADAR modules used for military and defense applications.


AME and ICD further enhance their relationship as the primary focus for both companies shifts to providing products that support the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.


AME and ICD unite to form ETSNA to better serve the expanding customer demand for Failure Analysis, Burn-In, and the design and support of military products.

We have found that the best solutions are achieved when working with our clients to understand their unique business objectives and long-term strategies. Collaborate with us today.